Hi! My name is Craig-

I am the owner, operator and DJ of FAT GROOVE ENTERTAINMENT, LLC. I go by DJKAAOS in my little world of DJ'ing, but don't let the name scare you off. I've been DJ'ing since 1995 where I started my DJ adventures as a Hip Hop DJ and needed to come up with a DJ name quickly as I was hired for my first ever hip hop show and needed a DJ name for the promo and the name just stuck with me over all of these years, but I put a little twist on the spelling. In the mid 2000's, I started getting recognition in the Denver nightlife and concert scene where I made a name for myself and gained plenty of exposure through hundreds of DJ shows. Today, I now DJ more events than the nightlife scene and I not only prefer it, I love it!

In 2011, I tried my hand at open format DJ'ing when I DJ'ed a wedding for a friend I worked with. She knew I was a DJ, but I'd never DJ'ed an open format event, let alone a wedding event. She trusted me enough to hire me for her wedding, which was a beautiful and elegant wedding. I had 6 months to prepare before her big day, study and learn the art of open format DJ'ing, gather equipment for sound and lighting and get ready to roll. During that 6 month period, I took on a few small open format gigs at bars, or small celebrations and parties; also reached out often to a great friend of mine for advice, who is a "super pro" in the world of open format DJ'ing. This was an amazing experience for me in all of my efforts to learn a whole new side of DJ'ing. I was never worried about my deep knowledge for "party rock" music, but how do I execute an open format gig with success in using all the years of DJ'ing experience and music knowledge? I did what a good and knowledgeable DJ would do. Prepared myself with plenty of great party tunes, collaborated my technical DJ skills with the art of open format DJ'ing and off I went. I played her wedding, both ceremony and reception with great success. Since that first wedding event, I immediately fell in love with open format, or event party rock DJ'ing, which brings me to this point in my DJ'ing adventures today. Over 90% of my business comes from referrals.

I absolutely love to DJ and I'd love to DJ for you! Let's meet up sometime...